The Luck of the Irish

March 17, 2021

The luck of the Irish may have seemed by chance, but I think we all know that gratitude is what got them to be so lucky. This St. Patrick’s Day we want to practice gratitude, so here is a quick and simple craft for adults and kids to do just that!

Everyone always hears about writing down your “gratitudes” and practicing gratefulness, but what does it really mean and why is it so important? Gratitude is a trending word on the internet these days and for good reason. There has been multiple  research studies done to show that writing down what you are grateful for can positively affect your life tremendously. The Greater Good Science Center wrote an article titled, “The Science of Gratitude” where they explain all the benefits of writing down your gratitudes. Some of these benefits include more satisfaction with life, better physical health, better sleep, less fatigue, increased happiness and positive mood, and so much more. So why not spend some time on St. Patrick’s day to sit down with the children and write down/talk about why you are all “lucky”. Starting this gratitude practice at an early age with children will build a strong foundation that will hopefully create a positive perspective on life throughout the years. This St. Patrick’s Day craft is extremely simple with almost no supplies needed. All you have to do is grab your paper and colorful pencils, and start practicing gratitude!




I read the paper a couple weeks ago, and I am so proud to know you and be part of the nanny system you have created. This job is by far the BEST JOB I HAVE EVER HAD! Thanks a million times over?

— Barbara