Summer Nanny Placement


Need Some Sunshine This Summer?

When your children are out of school for summer break, everyone's routine is turned upside down. At Advanced Homecare Placements LLC, we have a perfect solution that will keep the family happy and your children won't have to leave home. Our Summer Nanny will make certain your kids have plenty of stimulating activities to stay busy every day. She can supervise a swim in the backyard pool, make reading a book fun, or add a special touch to an afternoon home movie.

If you work or just can't be there all day, we can provide a summer nanny placement for a routine or fluctuating schedule. Maybe you're a single parent who just needs time to run a few errands or have a day each week to pamper yourself. At Advanced Homecare Placements LLC, all of our summer nannies are professionals who have been thoroughly screened to meet the same stringent standards as our permanent placements.

We believe a summer nanny must be flexible to the client's needs and be there to help eliminate some of the summer stress of caring for children and running a household. Typically, tasks may include emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry, reading to young ones, or taking your children to and from their summer activities. Let us find your perfect placement.